Monticello United Soccer Club is dedicated to both individual player development
as well as team development.

MonU provides a competitive soccer experience without losing sight of the main reason kids play soccer,
to have fun!

Team Formation

Monticello United Soccer Club will have open tryouts, and strive to place players of similar ability level and commitment level together on the same team, to enhance player development, and form the most competitve team possible. 


For the Fall 2020 season, MonU travel teams will participate in Viirginia Soccer League (VSLI) and the Club Champions League (CCL). MonU staff is continually exploring new league options that will enhance player development and enjoyment, and also lessen the travel demands on MonU families.

VSLI opponents include Richmond Strikers, Richmond Kickers, Chesterfield Stirkers, Va Legacy, Beach FC, Virginia Rush, and several other strong clubs.
CCL opponents include CSC, SVU, VBR Star, CVU, NRU, Dynamo, NVSC, Herndon, McLean, Potomac, SYA, Arlington

Teams also participate in tournaments throughout Virginia and surrounding states.